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Travel and Trips

If you are a mother or a daughter, there may be trips you went on that you’ll never forget. A mother-and-daughter experience is a special one, and spending time together is a great way to share your love. If there is a place you’ve gone, or a fun activity you shared, or even just a day trip to a special place, share your memories with us! This is our Travel page, and we want to know all about it!


Reconnect with your mother or daughter through travel, adventure, and exploring! Go to a zoo or a favorite restaurant or try a new place. There are endless possibilities to strengthen your mother-daughter bond, and these can be done in a day or just a weekend.


Below is a list of fun trip ideas:

  • Spa weekend

  • Escape room

  • Garden/concert

  • Beach to search for shells

  • Art museum

  • Amusement park/bumper cars

  • Movie after shopping

  • Hiking and picnic or park … and then grab a smoothie!

  • Church and brunch

  • Festival with food

  • Manicure/pedicure

  • Paint and sip

  • Mother-and-daughter fishing trip


We want to know if you had any mother-and-daughter trips that really immersed you in your shared love. Maybe you wrote down a memory, or took a picture of something fun, or had an entertaining video: we would love to see!


Also, is there a special place you've been that you think other mothers or daughters would like? Where are you planning to go? Please share your pictures, videos, itineraries, and ideas here! 

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