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A Note to Self

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

Hello Beautiful, let me reveal to you something that may expose me a bit.

But you may need to know.


Because you may have been or be this way now.

Here it is.

I used to not like to be told “ You have potential”

For some reason I felt like they were saying , “ you are a loser”

Well, I was so advanced that I only saw A’s and good job.

But the word “potential” may be feel so low.

Now, I understand it is not a bad word.

In fact, it is an encouraging word.

You need to know you have “ Potential”

You have potential to do whatever you choose to do.

You can write that book.

Start that business.

Buy that first investment property.

Design that new dress

Create that beautiful artwork

Be a powerful speaker

Be the dynamic Life Coach

So, now if you hear, “you have potential.

Smile and say “ Yes I do “

Then step out and go forward .

I am proud of you.

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