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About Us

Our Mission
The mission of MDBN is to connect and empower mothers and daughters and transform their conflicted or troubled relationships into a support system while helping them develop a strong bond of love that has the power to change families and communities for the better.


We strive to remove the elements that weaken their relationships and help them bridge communication gaps through our support and counseling.

Our Vision
Our vision is to help mothers and daughters understand the power and impact of their roles in their family structures while helping them overcome and resolve the conflicts in their relationships.

While others can provide guidance and resources for mothers and daughters, there is no
substitute for a healthy bond of love between them. We help them mend their spiritual bond, which directly impacts the bonding of the complete family unit.

We consider education a powerful weapon for mothers and daughters to help them fully
steward the opportunities and gifts that God has bestowed. We make arrangements for
mothers and daughters' educations because an educated mother is a highly effective role
model and inspiration for her daughter, motivating young women to complete their education.

“Hatred stirs up strife, but love covers all offenses" (Proverbs 10:12)

Reviving and Strengthening the Bond of Mother and Daughter

The mother and daughter bond is beautiful and strong, but sometimes life circumstances can create a strained relationship. At MDBN, we provide a safe and supportive place where mothers and daughters can reconnect, revive, and strengthen their bond through a process of continuous healing. We provide help and support while encouraging mothers and daughters to bravely face and resolve the ups and downs in their relationship.


What We Do



We provide a community for mothers and daughters to connect with each other and grow together. We also provide personal counseling for mothers and daughters with certified professional counselors.



We provide resources to help mothers and daughters grow and succeed. This includes help with education, business, and even travel!



We provide media for mothers and daughters to help them learn, connect, and grow together. This includes a magazine, radio show, tv show, blog, and more!


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We're excited to announce our new contest where mothers and daughters will compete for the honor of being on the cover of our Mother and Daughter Magazine.

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