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Mother & Daughter Bible College

Why is Education Important for Mothers and Daughters?
Education plays an important role in shaping an individual’s life choices and personality. With an education, people can benefit from various opportunities to improve their quality of life and relationships, as well as become productive community members. Education plays a significant role in shaping your perspective on relationships and life.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that educated women tend to be more positive, healthier, actively participate in a more formal job market, earn a better income, nurture relationships, and strive for better education and healthcare for their children after becoming mothers. In other words, educated mothers lay the foundation of a better society by improving the lives of their families, communities, and nations.

Therefore, we strongly encourage the education of mothers and daughters who play a critical part in nation-building. It also helps them strengthen the mother and daughter bond and empowers them to face life's troubles with strength and integrity. They can use this powerful instrument to foster social change in the new generation.

Register for Our Mother and Daughter E-Learning Programs
At MDBN, we have developed robust E-Learning Programs for mothers and daughters. These programs
are designed for our community members, giving them an opportunity to continue their education and earn accredited associate's or bachelor's degrees in the following subjects at the Mother and Daughter Bible College (MDBC):
• Biblical studies
• Christian Psychology

You can also earn certifications and career development opportunities in the above mentioned fields from MDBC.

Why Study at MDBC?

At MDBC, we offer exclusive 4-week courses and graduation for mothers and daughters after twelve months.

The most exciting and unique blessing of studying at our college is that we accept your completed college credits to build your educational career and help you start where you left off! With MDBC as your education partner, getting your college degree is closer than you imagined! 

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