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This is a space for some of the fun resources we have available for helping you bond with your mother and daughter, and also for helping us connect with you more. Check these out and have fun!

Mother and Daughter Quiz

This is a quiz designed for helping mothers and daughters bond together. Here's how it works: Each of you fill out the answers for your section of the quiz, and then try to guess what the other answered. Print out two (or more) copies of this, and mothers fill out the "Daughter to Mother" section and then guess the answers for "Mother to Daughter." Daughters guess the answer for "Daughter to Mother" and then fill out their answers for "Mother to Daughter." You'll be surprised how much this will help you connect!

Print This Out:


Nothing helps people bond like trips and experiences. Let Dr. Bessie help you plan a fun, adventurous, and perspective- changing family vacation. 

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